Monday, August 11, 2008

Yes, we have some bananas!

Being our winter not many of our fruit trees are producing ripe fruit at the moment but we do have a few Bananas and also Carambolas (Five-Corner fruit). This is what's left of a small bunch today, so at least tomorrow morning our guests will have some home-grown produce on their breakfast trays.

These are a variety called Ducasse and we think they really are the most delicious we have ever tasted. They are also sometimes called Sugar Bananas.

"A native of Thailand, Ducasse was introduced to northern Australia in the 1800's by the Chinese who also use this banana in religious offerings. Ducasse has long been the most popular banana for planting in North Queensland backyards due to its strong resistance to tropical fungal leaf diseases." (From Australian Tropical Fruits Portal)

A little Macleays Honeyeater pecks at the flowers of a newly-forming bunch.

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