Friday, January 16, 2009

More rain

Most of my blogs seem to involve the weather these days so I hope I'm not boring you!

Today started with a picture-perfect sunny morning and we really got stuck into the garden and house-cleaning. Everything grows so incredibly fast here that gardening is mainly madly pruning and cutting everything back. And at this time of year all the grass needs cutting at least twice a week as you can almost watch it growing behind the ride-on mower.

Then after lunch the skies darkened and down she came - 50 mm or 2 inches of rain in about half an hour - so torrential that the gutters had no hope of coping and as you can see we had waterfalls all around the house. In the distance through the gap in the trees you can just see the edge of the dam - actually its the earth wall of the dam - and within a few minutes it was overflowing like Niagara Falls. (No danger of flooding the house or the cabins as all buildings are on high ground!)

A few days ago Port Douglas, an hour away from us, had a whopping 900 mm (36 inches) in 48 hours - and that is a LOT of rain even for the Tropics! The rainy season really has started earlier than normal this year as it usually doesn't really get going until the end of January, and into February and March. That's the time most folks here make the most of the quietest visitor-time to take their own holidays ... in fact in two weeks time we'll be taking off for three weeks ourselves - more details soon!

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