Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful days - and the gardening continues

A sigh of relief the other day as Cyclone Hamish passed us offshore on it's way down the Queensland coast - all we had were a few welcome heavy downpours to keep everything growing madly but we feel for the folks further south in Queensland who are in danger of suffering major damage and flooding if this severe cyclone crosses the coast.

This is the time of year when we are accustomed to a lot of rain and the very occasional cyclone and we are closed to guests for most of February and March which gives us a chance to have our own holiday. But this year most of the heavy rains have (so far) missed us and March has been even more magical in Daintree!

Being 'closed' gives us a chance to get everything back into shape before our next guests arrive in a couple of weeks' time, and we don't have to worry that our machinery will wake anyone up!

Everything grows so incredibly fast that sometimes drastic pruning measures are needed!This time last year Peter you can see where Peter had run the tractor and slasher over part of the garden next to our house (above) ...
... a year later he's doing it again, and in no time it'll all be fully grown once more!

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