Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not much fruit is in season at this time of year although it won't be too long until the Rambutans turn red from their plump spiky green stage - of course the birds are into them already, and they are a fruit which must stay on the tree to ripen. With a bit of luck there may be a few left for us!

The only fruit fully-ripe are the Tahitian Apples and if you remember on one of my earlier photos of the Double-Eyed Fig Parrots' nest (you could check the archive if you like) there was some yellow blossom on the tree.Well, this is the fruit next to the old nesting holes. These are still a little green and will become yellower as they ripen - they have a sweet/sour taste and have a spiky kernel. They also have a multitude of names!

  • 'ambarella' (Dutch)
  • 'buah kedondong' (Malay)
  • 'Cajá-Manga' (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • 'cóc' (Vietnamese)
  • 'évi' (Réunion)
  • 'Goldpflaume' (German)
  • 'gway' (Burmese)
  • 'hevi' (Philippines)
  • 'hog plum'
  • 'june plum' (Jamaica)
  • 'kedondong' (Indonesian)
  • 'makok farang' (Thai)
  • 'mokah' (Cambodian)
  • 'naos' (Bislama)
  • 'prune Cythère, pomme Cythère' (French)[2]
  • 'vī' (Tongan)3
  • 'Pomarosa" (Puerto Rico)
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