Saturday, March 14, 2009


We continue to be blessed with great weather here in the Far North and can hardly believe this is supposed to be the middle of the Wet season! The whole of Queensland breathed a sigh of relief when Cyclone Hamish fizzled out from a potentially deadly Category 5 and headed away from the coast.
If you're not very familiar with Aussie geography here are a couple of Google images - above is the whole state of Queensland with Papua New Guinea to the north. From Daintree (yellow pin) to the top of Australia is about 800 km and from here south to Brisbane, which is not marked but just above our southern border, is almost 2000 km.

It's a big country! Above is a close-up of our Daintree region and below, this fun map might give you an idea of just how big it is in relation to, from the top, the UK and from left to right Germany, New Zealand, Japan and Texas!!!

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