Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daintree - beautiful one day, perfect the next!

This weather is unbelievable! We have just had the driest March with day after day of clear blue skies and now the nights are getting much cooler - down to 16 C last night whereas a week ago the minimum was 24 C. But this 'wet tropics' country needs lots of rain and dries out very fast during dry spells - and already we are having to run the garden sprinklers every day which is unheard-of for this time of year. But of course to our visitors this weather is utterly magical!

Lots of birds around now - Black Bitterns are down by the dam, Rainbow Bee-Eaters, Fig-birds (pictured here). Uh oh - I've just seen a pair of Yellow-spotted Honeyeaters sitting on my circular peg basket hanging on the clothes-line - a couple of years they succeeded in building their nest snugly on top of the pegs - had to go and buy some more pegs so as not to disturb them!

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Interesting how the weather patterns vary. We had a lot of rain in March, and had also a very wet summer. The grapes did not ripen perfectly. We harvested lots of Persimmons and they were at their best. The figbird is beautiful.