Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bush-Stone Curlew

Our blog seems to have been on the back-burner of late as May has been a busy month so far with lots of guests and quite a few enquiries and bookings, which is very encouraging in view of all the doom and gloom economic forecasts! In fact parts of July are already booked out!

It's also been raining quite a lot, although mostly gentle warm rain which, strangely, nearly everyone seems to be enjoying - after all we are in the WetTropics! But it has slowed us down as far as our annual end-of-wet-season vegetation pruning and management goes - it is almost unbelievable how fast everything grows here and it doesn't take long for invasive vines and tropical plants to 'take over'.

For the past few nights our Valley has echoed to the beautiful, haunting whistling call of Bush-Stone Curlews. These beautiful birds often come past our house just on dusk - sometimes Mum and Dad with Junior. They blend into the background so well, a few quick running steps and then they freeze for a few seconds, a few more steps then freeze again so if you don't see them actually move you would easily miss seeing them at all. I must admit I did 'cheat' taking this photo as I took it during a visit to the wonderful Rainforest Habitat near Port Douglas!

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