Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A change of subject!

This has really nothing to do with the Daintree Valley! But it's a follow-on to our P&O cruise on Arcadia earlier this year (see Jan/Feb). It turned out that Susan Kurosawa who is Travel Editor of one of Australia's biggest newspapers, "The Australian", was also on the ship and later wrote a review in the paper. I emailed Susan to say how much we enjoyed her article and briefly mentioned my own seagoing experience as a female purser and to my astonishment she invited me to write a column for the paper!

So last Saturday my first attempt at journalism appeared in "The Australian" and if you are interested you can read it at,25197,25467415-36115,00.html.

It has been an amazing week because I have been contacted by seafaring friends and colleagues with whom I'd lost contact years ago - and the reminiscences and photos have really been flowing back and forth through cyberspace!

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