Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bees and Honeyeaters

Walking past the Calliandra a few minutes ago I just managed to snap one of the dozens of DuskyHoneyeaters flitting and squabbling and chattering through the bush and feeding on it's nectar. Lots of bees too and the ever-present beautiful blue Ulysses butterflies.

A magic blue-skied winters' day here although we are still awaiting the return of winter temps! A couple of cool nights a while ago but yesterday it was back to summer - up to the low 30's during the day and a balmy 17 overnight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another ornament

Just when we had been saying we hadn't seen any tree frogs for a while - this morning we noticed the Giant White-lipped Tree Frog keeping company with our favourite Sunbird painting - seems the male Sunbird might have something to say about it too ... !

We bought the Jim Tyrie painting many years ago when we fell in love with it in a Brisbane art gallery and at that time we had never seen a Yellow-bellied Sunbird. It has always had pride of place wherever we have lived and when we made Daintree our home twelve years ago we were stunned to find our property alive with these wonderful tiny birds. We had no idea, from the painting, just how small they are - about 10 cm or just over 3 inches.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Camera experiments

Butterflies are so hard to capture, especially the huge spectacular blue Ulysses which never stay still for more than a second or two. There are dozens of them around the gardens at the moment ... being pursued by several frustrated camera-wielding guests!

I took this shot a few minutes ago, having yet again consulted the camera manual for some tips. This time I tried a setting for capturing fast-moving sports!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daintree Striped Possums

The blog's been a little quiet lately as we are, amazingly, quite busy for this early in the season, I've been a bit lazy with the camera, and sadly we have also had a sudden death in the family when Peter lost his brother to that terrible scourge, cancer.

On Monday evening there were the most incredible noises coming from the top of the very tall Traveller's Palm near the shed - shone the spotlight up and could just make out two of the quite rarely-seen Daintree Striped Possums a species purely endemic to Daintree. In fact during our 12 years here we have only ever seen one other. I grabbed the camera and, juggling the spotlight, tried vainly to capture both sight and sound and managed the latter but you can only see a wavery light. But it was such an amazing sound you might like to have a listen. The photo is a low resolution one which I found ages ago.