Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daintree Striped Possums

The blog's been a little quiet lately as we are, amazingly, quite busy for this early in the season, I've been a bit lazy with the camera, and sadly we have also had a sudden death in the family when Peter lost his brother to that terrible scourge, cancer.

On Monday evening there were the most incredible noises coming from the top of the very tall Traveller's Palm near the shed - shone the spotlight up and could just make out two of the quite rarely-seen Daintree Striped Possums a species purely endemic to Daintree. In fact during our 12 years here we have only ever seen one other. I grabbed the camera and, juggling the spotlight, tried vainly to capture both sight and sound and managed the latter but you can only see a wavery light. But it was such an amazing sound you might like to have a listen. The photo is a low resolution one which I found ages ago.

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