Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another magic mid-winter's day

Another chilly night last night - down to 12 deg C - but now it's up into the high 20's. The colours at this time of year seem to be more vibrant than ever and this is the view from our kitchen, overlooking the old shed (home of the barbeque and jacuzzi) and towards the rainforested valley hills.

Our beautiful water comes from a small rainforest creek high on the hillside and is gravity-fed via a small agricultural line and filter to a tank next to the shed and then by electric pump to the house and the cabins.

On the right at the front are some of our pink ornamental gingers and red Pagoda-flowers, loved by the butterflies. To the right of the shed are banana plants with what's left of the fruit after the Brush Turkeys have finished with them!

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