Monday, July 13, 2009

A good crop of Jakfruit

Checking out the fruit trees in our front paddock it seems we're set for another bumper crop of Jakfruit. They are, we think, an acquired taste and one which we have never acquired! These are very immature but may grow into very large fruit, several kilos in weight and up to 50cm in length.

The only other trees fruiting now are the Carambolas (also known as Star Fruit or Five-Corner fruit), a few Soursops, some yellow Passionfruit (at least the ones the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos have missed!) and a lot of new Banana bunches are coming on. The Mango blossoms should be starting soon - ours are a late-producing variety and are normally ready around Christmas-time.


Anonymous said...

Wait until the fruit is very soft. Oil your utensils and hands and break open. They should be very sweet. Or when young they are good in curry.

Unknown said...

Hi - thanks for your comments. We have two varieties, one has a firmer texture and is not quite as sweet and also makes a very nice jam. And yes, you certainly need to oil EVERYTHING before you open them!