Friday, July 31, 2009

Lemonade-fruit blossom

The first of the Lemonade-fruit blossom is starting to appear now so spring can't be too far away - it officially starts here on 1st September. It's been sooooo dry but the last few days have been much cooler with a few sprinkles of much-needed rain - the other night we had 18mm (25mm = 1 inch).

So it's been nice not to have to run the sprinklers, especially as we have a small problem with our main water-supply which has suddenly stopped running. We have a small pipe which runs up to a rainforest creek on the Daintree valley hillside so I'd say a tree may have fallen and dislodged it.

Unfortunately our tractor is terminally ill! So we are awaiting the arrival of a new one - it's been so long since we have had to go up the old track that it will now be completely overgrown so will need slashing and probably many fallen trees to push out of the way. Meantime fortunately we have our shallow bore which supplies us with pure clear water from an underground creek - just means we have to run the bore each day to fill the tank rather than rely on gravity to refill it from the creek.

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