Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tree Frog update

We're never quite sure where he's going to turn up next but this is the latest resting-spot for our resident Giant White-lipped Tree Frog - just hoping he doesn't get too thirsty ... !

We're always happy to see frogs thriving in Daintree as, like much of northern Australia, we are inundated with Cane Toads. These poisonous creatures kill most wildlife which eat them although I believe Pythons are becoming imune to them and birds are learning to flip them onto their backs to avoid the poisonous glands on their backs.

They were introduced to Queensland to attack Cane Beetles which destroy sugar cane but nobody had noticed that the beetles live high in the cane but the Cane Toads live on the ground .... ! Now this fast-breeding menace is spreading throughout the country and having a great impact on Australia's native frog population.

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