Sunday, August 30, 2009


A fun night last night in Daintree Village when the P&C Association of tiny Daintree (junior) School, which has just 18 students, put on a free barbeque to christen the newly-installed bbq, welcome their new Principal and say 'thank you' to our small community for supporting the school. It was a beautiful clear night, pleasantly mild and lovely to sit under the stars with good friends and a few cold drinks in hand!

Spring is now officially two days away and our mango trees are in glorious bloom. Unfortunately mangoes don't do too well here and tend to suffer from various pests and diseases and usually most of the blossoms drop off before the fruit sets. We don't use any chemicals on them so just hope that a small crop will mature and that we salvage some for ourselves once the Spectacled Flying Foxes have had their fill!

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