Friday, September 11, 2009

Fig Parrots

As I mentioned a few days ago once again we have beautiful little Double-eyed Fig Parrots nesting in the Tahitian Apple tree outside the office. (See archives from last year). This time they have chosen another old hollow branch, not quite as good an angle for photography as last year. This male has been busy feeding his mate who now stays inside the nesting hole - you can just see her - and boy does she have something to say if he doesn't bring her enough to eat!

The other good news is that Peter has now managed to clear a track up to our water supply - thanks to the new tractor which helped him move all the fallen trees he had to chainsaw apart. As he had suspected a tree had fallen on the pipe but he's managed to fix it enough to get the water running down again so we are able to keep the sprinklers going pretty well constantly - it runs on gravity so will save on electricity needed to run the bore pump. The good news is that we can use as much as we need without depriving anyone else - after all, what we don't use simply runs out to sea!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Daintree Valley Haven resident

Spotted this little fellow on my walk round the property yesterday afternoon and also heard another three Swamp Wallabies take off into the bush. I walked up to him very slowly, talking to him, and he just sat and watched me before finally taking off.

They often come up round the house and the cabins, especially if there's any ripe fruit on the ground, and some of them become quite tame as they get used to being near people.

But we do have to warn guests not to be startled on their walks if they hear something heavy suddenly crashing through the undergrowth!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unknown Dragonfly

I have just spotted this beautiful Dragonfly near our walking track - it's wingspan was about 7cm (3 inches).

Soooo many birds around now so I'll try to post some more photos soon.

Update on the Double-eyed Fig Parrots - this afternoon we heard one 'chirring' in the Tahitian Apple tree near the house, saw a Parrot fly off and finally spotted a new nesting-hole in another hollow branch, quite near where birds were nesting last year. So, watch this space!!!