Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unknown Dragonfly

I have just spotted this beautiful Dragonfly near our walking track - it's wingspan was about 7cm (3 inches).

Soooo many birds around now so I'll try to post some more photos soon.

Update on the Double-eyed Fig Parrots - this afternoon we heard one 'chirring' in the Tahitian Apple tree near the house, saw a Parrot fly off and finally spotted a new nesting-hole in another hollow branch, quite near where birds were nesting last year. So, watch this space!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Daphne,

as you know that I´m particulary interested in the insect kingdom I can tell you that this is the so called "Yellow-striped Flutterer" Rhyothemis phyllis. It´s a real beauty! On my stay at your lovely lodge we saw two other Rhyothemis species on the track through the forest and at the reservoir. All species of this genus have nice and colourful wing patterns, which make them so attrative.

Greetings from the rainy Germany sends,

Sebastian Heldt

Unknown said...

Hi Sebastian,

It's great to hear from you and thank you for identifying the beautiful "Flutterer" for us.

We would love some of your rain please! We are having one of our driest 'dry' seasons on record - our valley is still fairly green but so much of the country is in drought and suffering serious bushfires.

Please remember Peter and I to your father, and we hope to meet again one day.

Warm regards