Monday, October 5, 2009

Crazy Weather

It seems a long time since I updated the Blog! It's been quite a busy season for us and we finally managed a few days' break away to 'recharge the batteries'. We only went as far as Cairns and enjoyed lots of sleeping, reading, eating and a little 'retail therapy' too.

Oh dear, it is sooooo dry! While so much of the world seems to be under water here in the "Wet Tropics" we are in the middle of the driest 'dry' season since records began in the early 1900's. Great for visitors with sunny days, mild nights and no mosquitoes but the country isn't as lush and green as it should be. Oh well, here's hoping for a good wet season in a couple of months' time.

One plus is that it seems to suit our mangoes. We usually lose most of the blossoms to pests and diseases but this year looks like being our biggest crop ever so by about Christmas we should be feasting on them - so, unfortunately, will the Spectacled Flying Foxes! The mango trees seem confused - a couple of weeks ago they dropped almost all their leaves and now have produced a full set of glossy new ones.

The Jakfruit also are having a bumper crop this year - pity we don't like them very much!

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