Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Another 'thump' on the window this morning and there was a very dazed Little Shrike-Thrush lying on the verandah, yet another bird having flown into the glass.

I gently picked it up and it sat on my hand for about ten minutes - another photo-opportunity, this time for Peter who had never used my camera before (we have a very good working arrangement - the remote controls for the tv and sound system are 'his' domain while he's happy to leave computers and cameras to me!) so he did very well!

Finally, after depositing a 'message' on the rail!, it finally flew off.

While I was holding it I caught sight of a flash of white as a Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher darted past. We are hearing their calls constantly now - in fact I can hear one now as I type.

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