Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new little friend

Mowing under the lychee tree this morning and this little Praying Mantis decided to hitch a ride on my back.  He stayed with me for ages, running up and down my arm and finally having a rest on my finger where he proceeded to daintily clean his little feelers.
He's now happily at home amongst our green bean plants!

It's very quiet now with very few guests - everyone getting ready for Christmas I guess.  A lovely young Danish couple in a little camper-van arrived just on dusk last night so they were very happy to plug into the power behind one of our empty cabins.

And this morning a local couple drove in - very interesting folks as they were retired entomologists looking for a certain variety of Dung Beetle on one of the local cattle properties which they were trying to locate.

Life's always interesting - and sometimes surprising! - at Daintree Valley Haven!

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