Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Olga and Neville's dance ... and computers!!!

Back on 19.2kbps dial-up so no images!

Well everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the two cyclones, Neville and Olga, did a dance around the tropical coast and finally headed west across land, hardly fluttering a leaf on their way!  We had a few heavy falls of rain but not a breath of wind - in nearby Port Douglas most visitors didn't even know there was supposed to be bad weather expected!  Yesterday was glorious sunshine in Daintree again - today is overcast with a few showers around but we should be able to get some rapidly-growing grass cut.  Unfortunately the media has really been bleating on about the terrible weather here and it's simply not true!!!  

Meantime the computer saga continues.  Our lovely new system arrived yesterday and we thought all our troubles were over - silly us.  The computer is great but we still have no satellite broadband (worked for a while but has now gone completely) to help with installing Windows 7. Now the dial-up is playing-up too and sometimes refuses to connect - a call to Telstra and a promise for action - by Friday!  So we rang the technicians - yes, they have the part for the satellite dish but a few days ago they had a serious car accident and wrote off their vehicles - with all their tools and equipment inside (thank goodness John and Tracy were OK, tho badly shocked and bruised) so it will be next week before they can get to us.

OK, we thought, we can still go ahead and load new Windows, transfer our files from the (borrowed) hard drive so that we can return it to it's long-suffering owner who REALLY needs it back.  Wrong again!  Loaded the installation disk but got error message - looking at the disk there's a big scratch right across it!  Luckily we were planning a trip to Cairns at the end of the week, which is now really necessary so that we can take the software back for replacement.

So, sorry folks, no images for a while yet!

Oh well, shouldn't grumble too much as others are far more unfortunate and we are so lucky to by healthy and to live in beautiful Daintree!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher

At last, a half-way reasonable Kingfisher photo!  And as the satellite dish decides to work when it's fine - and as more rain is on the way! - I'll grab this chance to upload a photo.  It's still not a brilliant shot as I really had to zoom in to the top of the tree but at least you can see the colours and especially the very long thin white tail.  They are constantly flying back and forth outside the window but take off at the slightest noise or movement.

Peter's really looking forward to getting his laptop back!  The desktop is really falling to pieces now - even the mouse curled up and died today!  So with our friend Barry's advice we have ordered a new system from Brisbane which hopefully should arrive by courier within the next week or two.  Hoping too that by then the techs will have repaired the satellite dish which is currently swathed in Cling-wrap trying to protect the vulnerable bits from heavy rain!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Computers!  Great when everything's working but when they're not ... !  For a while the satellite modem started working again (still awaiting spare parts and technician) but heavy rain the other day and out it went again so today I'm on 19.2 kbps on dial-up on the laptop!  Meantime I managed to load Windows 7 onto the main computer - then the switch broke, Peter fixed it, broke again, fixed again then the whole system crashed, repaired itself but in the process wiped out half the programmes I'd spent a few hours re-installing.  Now the CD drive has spat it's dummy too.  So not only are we now waiting to get the satellite dish fixed our computer-savvy friends Barry and his son-in-law are going to build us a new computer!  I'll keep you posted!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sending a little sunshine

Still waiting for the satellite dish to be repaired but thankfully it seems to be a rain-induced problem so on beautiful sunny days like today it works again.  So as they are forecasting heavy rain in the next few days I'm trying to 'make a bit of hay' today!

What a crazy world of weather we have now and we really do feel for everyone in the northern hemisphere suffering such an horrendous winter of weather (Global Warming ... ???), while here in Australia some parts of the country have had enormous floods and other parts devastating bushfires with many homes lost.

So if you are dreaming of sun and warmth(!) here's a photo taken on beautiful Wonga Beach, about a 15-minute drive from us - those folks were the only ones on the beach - in the distance you can see the two little humps of Snapper Island, an uninhabited island near the estuary of the Daintree River. Very little surf here at any time as we are inside the Great Barrier Reef so the water is very shallow - in fact our coastline here is quite close to the Reef, but it's still about 40-50km offshore and the further south along the Queensland coast you go the further offshore is the Reef.  To dive or snorkel or glass-bottom-boat on the Outer Reef is the experience of a lifetime - we are soooo lucky to have it on our doorstep!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

Unfortunately my blog will have to be image-less for a while as on Saturday our broadband satellite dish spat it's dummy during a heavy fall of rain so now we have to wait until they send out the technicians which, in Daintree, could take a while!

Fortunately we do have the backup of snail-pace dial-up on the laptop but at an average of 21 kbps this is NOT handy for uploading images! 

Even more frustrating is that Peter gave me Windows 7 for Christmas and I was almost ready to start the big process of changing the desktop from XP to the new system when we lost the satellite - and we need internet access to redownload some major programmes.

But I shouldn't whinge when so many people are suffering far worse problems in the world ...

But we are really enjoying some lovely rain now - not enough to be a nuisance but the frogs are loving it and we have a deafening 24/7 chorus of a million Australian Wood Frogs round the dam, the rain is thrumming on our metal roof, the grass is growing madly outside the window, our guests are all out enjoying a rain-free day out on the Great Barrier Reef (which often happens - we'll be inundated here and it'll be glorious sunshine out  in the Coral Sea) and we're enjoying our mid-morning coffee made from locally-grown beans from an organic coffee plantation on the nearby Atherton Tablelands.

So all's really well with our world after all!