Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

Unfortunately my blog will have to be image-less for a while as on Saturday our broadband satellite dish spat it's dummy during a heavy fall of rain so now we have to wait until they send out the technicians which, in Daintree, could take a while!

Fortunately we do have the backup of snail-pace dial-up on the laptop but at an average of 21 kbps this is NOT handy for uploading images! 

Even more frustrating is that Peter gave me Windows 7 for Christmas and I was almost ready to start the big process of changing the desktop from XP to the new system when we lost the satellite - and we need internet access to redownload some major programmes.

But I shouldn't whinge when so many people are suffering far worse problems in the world ...

But we are really enjoying some lovely rain now - not enough to be a nuisance but the frogs are loving it and we have a deafening 24/7 chorus of a million Australian Wood Frogs round the dam, the rain is thrumming on our metal roof, the grass is growing madly outside the window, our guests are all out enjoying a rain-free day out on the Great Barrier Reef (which often happens - we'll be inundated here and it'll be glorious sunshine out  in the Coral Sea) and we're enjoying our mid-morning coffee made from locally-grown beans from an organic coffee plantation on the nearby Atherton Tablelands.

So all's really well with our world after all!

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