Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back in action - almost!

This has been a red-letter week for us!  After weeks of frustrations at 9 am on Monday John arrived to fix the satellite modem - part of it was full of water after recent heavy rain! - and on Tuesday two Telstra techs turned up and fixed our phone (ants had chewed through a cable!).  On the same day we had a message to say our replacement Windows 7 software had arrived at Officeworks in Cairns so we'll soon be able to start using our brand new desktop - as luck would have it we have to go to Cairns on Saturday (2-hour drive each way) to pick up our friends from the airport.

On my walk the other day, again after some heavy rain, I spotted this enormous toadstool in the middle of some open grassland.  Pity it wasn't a mushroom!

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