Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wot a lovely Wet!

A lovely week of beautiful tropical rain with some heavy falls - here in the Daintree Valley we've had almost 13 inches in the past week and at one stage nearby Port Douglas recorded 8 inches in 48 hours.  All quite normal and what we expect here in the Wet Tropics at this wettest time of the year - it's such a magical season and we love the sight, sound and smell of tropical rain, plus it's lovely and cool while it rains.  It gets steamy when the sun comes out again but then we do have an indoor pool and an air-conditioned bedroom and office!

Then today has been a beautiful sunny day - and we could see how much the grass has grown!  Peter had to 'borrow' my old ride-on mower, which I use to pull the little trailer of cleaning gear and laundry for the cabins, because 'his' big mower is in pieces in the shed awaiting spare parts!  Too good an opportunity to miss to do some much-needed grass-cutting - more rain is forecast tomorrow.

Not good weather for wildlife-photography, although the butterflies are going berserk after the rain but so hard to photograph - dozens of Ulysses, Birdwings, Swallowtails and many unidentified species fluttering around the Pagoda Plants outside the kitchen today.

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