Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Beetle

Well it's been an interesting Easter - one of the wettest for many years.  And with a 'full house' we have felt very sorry for our guests, especially Anni and Per from Denmark who are here for nine days ... and it has rained every day!  But one unusually fine day we were talking outside their bungalow when this huge green beetle landed on the Jasmine.  Both Per and I grabbed our cameras but could only get a shot of it's underside - it was about 3 cm long and I think it might be a Golden Green Stag, but would be happy if anyone can confirm this?

Several times the bridge was underwater so no-one could go anywhere but everyone said how much they loved our lovely old shed and many a happy hour was spent by everyone - playing darts, reading, sitting in the spa, barbequeing, chatting and enjoying the odd cold glass of something refreshing!

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Kay Baughman said...

What a beautifully colored beetle! I am enjoying your blog.