Saturday, June 5, 2010

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

An annual event when community groups throughout Australia host morning teas to raise funds for cancer research and we've just got home from tiny Daintree primary school's (total 13 students) event this morning. 

Everyone took a plate but otherwise the kids organised everything themselves and did a fantastic job - they made the lovely table decorations and organised a series of quizzes (we adults made a complete hash of answering the nursery rhyme questions!!!)

Now there are rumours the school may be closed due to low numbers but there would be local outrage if this happened as the Daintree Village population is very small and not only is it vital for the children to have a local school it is also a focal point of community life, as the great support this morning proved.

(That's the back of Peter's head on the right! - our friends Di and Barry to the left.)

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