Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love that Watermelon!

A feeding frenzy outside the kitchen!  We've just put new frypans in the cabins and the old ones now make great bird-feeders. 

The Yellow-Spotted Honeyeaters think it's great and have created almost a monopoly, especially when bananas or watermelon are on the menu.

Just had a giggle because these four were watching a Helmeted Friarbird - almost twice their size - becoming more and more frustrated because it was behind the lattice and trying to squeeze itself through.  Finally it managed it!

What strange weather we're having - it's the warmest, wettest July we've had for years and today's the first day we've seen the sun for a long time now.  But at least everything is soooo green!


Philip said...

It's dry here maybe we will get some rain in September if we are lucky our mousebirds love banana also :)

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