Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Malay Apples

Busy, busy, busy now with our visitor season in full swing so the blog has been a little neglected of late.

The Malay Apple tree doesn't seem to know if it's Arthur or Martha!  - it's just finished dropping some blossom, has lots of tiny fruits, many mid-sized ones and now a good crop of bright red ripe fruit.  Now the problem is to pick some before the birds get to them - as you can see!

They don't have a great deal of flavour but add a lovely splash of colour to the guests' breakfast fruit-platters.  We've even managed to salvage a couple of Soursops before the Spectacled Flying Foxes demolish them - but have virtually given up hope of beating the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos to what's left of our yellow Passionfruit! 

The white and purple Star-apples are starting to form but will not be ripe for some time yet.  And I've just pruned the Lemonade-fruit tree to try and encourage it to fruit - after I nearly killed it last year with too much fertiliser!

We're hoping the Cassowary will be back again to check out any dropped fruit - we've seen more of his 'poo' but haven't spotted him for a while now.  There are lots of big purple Cassowary Plums ripe in the rainforest at the moment which have probably caught his attention!

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