Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winter ... and Moths

At last a little taste of winter with a couple of cold nights - down to a chilly (to us) 12 deg C last night and this morning our valley is cloaked in soft white mist.  Now the sun is starting to break through, the mist is clearing and it promises to be another magical Daintree winter's day with a forecast max of 27 deg.

And we're being honoured by the presence of this beautiful female Hercules Moth (see my archive for previous sightings).  She's on the insect screen outside our lounge, well-placed to warm up and dry her wings as the sun comes up over the valley hillside.  She's likely to stay there for several hours and I was able to measure her with a ruler - 24cm (about 9 inches) from wingtip to wingtip and 12cm in height.

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