Wednesday, December 29, 2010


DON'T MENTION THE PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Since 9th December we've had 3 days of working phone - told it'd be fixed by tomorrow, 30th.  Now they tell us it'll be before 7pm on 6 JANUARY!!!  Thank heavens for email ( - and Skype - at least we can ring out but only folks with Skype can call us.  It's a daily 16km round trip to our nearest mobile reception in Daintree Village to pick up any messages on the diverted mobile - grrrrrr!  Just sent in an another official complaint!

Postscript - amazingly our neighbours still have working phones as this is the main Telstra connection box in the middle of our valley - from here the cable lies, unprotected, under the road then comes up sticky-taped to a post then looped through the trees over a frequently-flooding creek!

Now we do appreciate that there will be many, many people without phones after the current catastrophic floods throughout much of Queensland ... but our small business will have been without a landline for almost a MONTH!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just to say we hope everyone has a fantastic festive season - not too wet, hot, cold or snowy wherever in the world you are! A fun night at the Daintree Village Restaurant last Saturday - also Peter's birthday - with some of the locals getting into the spirit(s?!).  A few sore heads next morning ... !

A message to friends and family - our phone's out yet again, this time estimated fixed-by date is 30 DEC!!!    No mobile coverage here but thank heavens for Skype and satellite broadband.  Otherwise emails are the way to contact us -

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do pythons climb?!

I've been really slack with the blog (and the camera!) for a while so I've delved into my Pictures archive and found this Amethyst (or Amethystine) Python which we spotted some time ago climbing up a drainpipe.  What incredible muscle-control!

We've been taking advantage of good pre-main-wet-season weather to catch up on some repairs and maintenance on the cabins and the house.  I know it'll catch up with us soon but recently we haven't had nearly as much rain as the central and southern parts of Queensland.

Anyway we now have new timberwork to replace that which the ever-present termites are determined to feed upon - timber primed and just top-coats to apply, newly-painted office and all the grounds freshly-mowed and looking great for our Christmas guests!