Sunday, January 2, 2011

A feel-good moment!

A warm fuzzy feeling after guests, Stu and Justine, left this morning - Stu wrote this in the Guest Book:-

As fate pushed us north through wind and through wave
Dodging potholes and cyclones that nary would brave
Through sunburn and spiders that made Jussy quell
We wandered along to see what this road held

A haven it seemed in the upper Daintree
A place just perfect for my lover and me
A place to stop, relax and just be
A place to soak up some tranquility

Frogs croak, bugs chirp and the pretty birds sing
(And Daphne's jam is a really great thing!)
But tomorrow we'll have to leave you behind
And much sadness within us you will find

Daphne and Peter, we wrote you this meter
To express our pleasure for the evenings of leisure

(Thank you so much!  From Stu and Jussy - Brisbane)


And thank you too, Stu and Jussy - it was lovely to meet you both!

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