Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where IS everyone ... ?!

A beautiful Daintree Sunday today so we decided to wander across the Daintree ferry for a rainforest drive to our favourite coffee-place, the Daintree Coffee Company, and go for a walk along the beach.

Our first surprise was the ferry itself - 10.30 am on a magical Sunday morning and we shared the 30-vehicle ferry with one other car - also a 'local'!

Sadly the cafe was closed so we went elsewhere (name provided on request!) and got ripped-off - AU$9.00 for two weak watery capuccino's - will not be returning - or recommending!

But as always a beautiful drive through the rainforest with the sunlight filtering through the trees and scarcely another car on the road.

Stopped at Thornton's Beach and as you can see we had to fight the crowds!  That's Peter ahead of me and we were the only folks in sight.

Back for the return ferry ride and this time the numbers had swelled to five of us - including three locals! (During our winter, June-July, school holidays it can take up to an hour in the queue.)

Days like today really do remind us how very lucky we are to live where we live. And it was a reality-check to appreciate how fortunate we are while so very many other Australians - and also Brazilians - are suffering the aftermaths of, and in many places enduring ongoing, devastating floods.

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