Monday, March 28, 2011

That's one week we're happy to see the end of.  Peter's agonising throat pain misdiagnosed by one doctor, next day admitted to hospital with an enormous abscess on one tonsil, blocking three-quarter of his airway.  Happily intravenous antibiotics, morphine and drip did the trick and he was able to come home 2 days later but still on strong antibiotics for 10 days.

On the plus side our old ride-on mower - the 'new' one can't cope with really wet ground - finally got it's new engine and thanks to some fantastic weather the boggy ground is starting to dry out and today Peter's much better, back 'at work' again and getting much of the property under control.  We've been embarrassed for guests to see it so untidy, and our walking track is still closed although hoping tomorrow we'll get that cleared and mowed too.

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