Saturday, May 28, 2011


Not much in the way of ripe fruits at the moment although several are 'in the pipeline'.  This is a young Soursop - related to the Custard Apple (also known as the Sweetsop) - they grow on the trunk and it's always a battle to get the ripe ones before the Flying Foxes do!

The Jakfruits (which we don't like anyway!) are not doing well after such a wet season but the Malay Apples are in full blossom and the Honeyeaters are going wild.  Quite a few bunches of green bananas coming on and after Cyclone Yasi devastated much of Queensland's banana crop they are hugely expensive in the shops so we're looking forward to having our own lovely sweet Ducasse bananas again.  The Limes and Lemonade fruits are almost finished now but there are a few Carambolas (Star Fruit) and yellow Passionfruit around.

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