Friday, August 19, 2011

Stingless Bees

I've just been having a clean-up in the shed and unearthed the old electric BBQ grill from under an old towel and was stunned to find it being used as a hive by a colony of tiny stingless native bees!  We often see tiny openings in buildings and old trees with dozens of the little creatures flying in and out but have never seen what the hive looks like inside.  Now, having Googled (as you do!) I find that the larger round globules are the honey-pots which, when you squeeze, emit a small amount of rather runny mildly-sweet honey - you can just see them stuck to the standing grill at the back.  I think the mass in the middle may be the pollen pots but I'm not sure.

These bees do not produce a lot of honey so could not be used commercially, however they are wonderful pollinators for gardens.  So I've carefully replaced the top of the grill and the old towel and the bees are heading back in droves!