Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yesterday we were so upset to think we had lost our little Sunbird - and today she's back again and happily sitting in her nest!  Sometimes they disappear for a few days before they are ready to lay their eggs but it had worried us that there was one egg and no sign of Mum!


Gillian said...

A pair of sunbirds checked out our back verandah which has a set of seashells on a long string that the male seemed to think looked promising for the nest.... before his wife gave him her opinion in no uncertain terms... "too close to the floor, too windy, too hot, what if they have a cat? etc etc..... gave him a right telling off!!
They are such lovely little birds. I hear them around the yard but haven't spotted a nest anywhere.

Unknown said...

Hi Gillian - yes they are certainly our favourite little birds! Years ago we bought a beautiful painting of a male Sunbird but it wasn't until we came to live in far north Queensland that we saw them for the first time - and realised how tiny they are.