Monday, October 24, 2011

Wallaby Mum

We wandered out of the kitchen a few minutes ago and this cute sight was awaiting us!   Peter ducked back for the camera but there was no hurry as Mum and her joey calmly carried on feeding on the grass and, as you can see in her paws, Mum was into one of the dropped Star Apples.

It looks like the family is happy to stay around the house for a while - see Dad in my post the other day.  In fact yesterday when I was nursing a stunned Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher (see my Facebook Page post - after it had flown into a window I looked up to see him watching the proceedings which, happily, did end happily!

(I'm trying not to duplicate too many posts on Blog and Facebook!)

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Wow! Such a cutie!
We miss Australia a lot!

Greetings from Switzerland
Yvonne & Raphael