Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a difference a few days make

Such beautiful weather again after a few very unusually-wet October days (17 inches of rain)  following a VERY dry couple of months the dam is now full to the brim and the spillway running over.  Lovely!  Early in the year we had so much rain a huge section of the dam wall was washed away and we lost most of the water - took a huge excavator 7 hours to repair.  We thought we'd have to wait till the official wet season at the beginning of next year before it refilled and now look at it!  This is the view from Sunbird Sanctuary and all three bungalows now have lovely water-views again.

We took a run up to Cape Tribulation this morning and it was so nice to see the rainforest looking so vibrant against the clear blue sky!  But hardly any visitors around and we almost had the road and the ferry to ourselves.  Sadly the media has done it again and scared everyone away with doom and gloom stories of 'all the water and floods in north Queensland' ... !!!

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