Saturday, April 25, 2015


We love our Olive-backed, sometimes called Yellow-bellied, Sunbirds and always leave bits of string and rope hanging around as they like to build their amazing suspended nests from them.  A few weeks ago a little bird started building just outside the kitchen window but then disappeared and we feared she may have been the victim of a deadly Black Butcherbird, then happily this morning she came back and there is now some furious nest-building going on!  Here she was a few minutes ago:-

On the other side of the house, opposite our bedroom window, another nest is under construction and we love lying in bed listening to the morning news bulletin and watching the nest-builder.  This time she has used a bit of vine hanging from an old tree.  It's always the female who builds, supervised by hubby who has a shiny blue-black 'bib'.

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